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    What used to be the most expensive house for sale in the country, listed for a record-breaking $250 million in Bel Air has now dropped to $188 million.

    Photo Credit: Williams & Williams Estates

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    Credit card skimmers are devices placed inside a normal looking dispenser, but then steal private information, such as your debit card information, PIN and zip code, authorities say.

    The skimmer is placed inside the dispenser, between the credit card reader and the register inside the station.

    Oftentimes the only way you realize something is amiss is when charges begin appearing on your statement that you didn't authorize. 

    But there are ways to try to protect yourself.

    • Avoid pumps at the end of gas stations. They're often too far for the store clerk to have a clear view of the pump.
    • Leave your debit card in your wallet. It's all too easy for a thief to skim your debit card's magnetic strip. If they catch your pin number, you can bet your bank account is up for grabs.
    • Have a look around the pump. Look for tampering, a loose credit card reader or a broken seal on the pump's cabinet.
    • Another way way to check for skimmer devices is using your phone. Thieves often use Bluetooth technology to transmit card and pin information. Just turn on Bluetooth and search for a device. If you see a long string of numbers trying to connect, that's a bad sign.

    See the full article here.

    Photo Credit: KNBC-TV

    A list of quick tips on how to stop credit card skimmers from stealing your information, April 24, 2018.A list of quick tips on how to stop credit card skimmers from stealing your information, April 24, 2018.

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    The Los Angeles Police Department fired one of its detention officers following the controversial in-custody death of Wakiesha Wilson, who hanged herself two years ago and whose death became the focus of repeated protests at LAPD headquarters.

    The detention officer, Reaunna Bratton, was discharged late last year on allegations she failed to render immediate medical aid when Wilson was found unresponsive at the LAPD's jail in downtown LA, according to police internal affairs and LA city personnel documents obtained by NBC4.

    The LAPD's investigation also led to an accusation that Bratton had improperly isolated Wilson in an upstairs, individual cell on the day of Wilson's death, in violation of jail policies. That allegation was dismissed by the city during the termination proceedings though the LAPD sought to reinstate it.

    The internal affairs file also revealed that Bratton had been suspended for 22 days six months before Wilson’s death, on allegations she failed to check on the welfare of inmates housed in second floor cells, like the one Wilson was in on the day she died.

    The LAPD declined to respond to a request for comment.

    In December 2017, the city of LA settled wrongful death claims filed by Wilson's mother and son for $298,000 but never told the family the jailer had been fired, according to civil attorney Jaaye Person-Lynn.

    "The city did not accept any liability in the settlement document," Person-Lynn told NBC4. "Someone from the city did do something wrong – it wasn't just Ms. Wilson as completely responsible for her own passing away."

    He said had the family known about the investigation of the jailer the case might have concluded differently, though monetary damages would most likely have still been limited by a state cap on medical malpractice claims.

    The LA County Coroner's Office concluded Wilson committed suicide by fastening a cloth noose to a telephone mounted on a cell wall.

    Security video from inside the jail, also obtained by NBC4, showed several minutes elapsed between the time Wilson was seen by Bratton and another officer slumped on the floor of cell 208 at 8:25 a.m. on March 27, 2016, and the time a third officer arrived and began CPR.

    Bratton's union said it was unfair for the City to blame Bratton alone for Wilson's suicide, and said other jail personnel should bear responsibility.

    "In this case, there were certainly failings along the way that allowed the tragedy to happen, but those failures cannot be placed upon the shoulders of Officer Bratton," SEIU Local 721 said in a statement.

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office concluded last year none of the officers had broken the law in their handling or treatment of Wilson.

    The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners announced in January, 2017 it decided officers were not "substantially involved" in Wilson's death.

    According to the LAPD the events that led to the death began when Wilson "was arrested by Central Area patrol officers on March 26... after they responded to a medical facility on the 1300 block of Hope Street to investigate a 911 call regarding a person assaulting a patient."

    "When the officers arrived they conducted an investigation and determined that Ms. Wilson had assaulted the victim," police said. "Ms. Wilson was taken into custody without the use of any physical force."

    Officers took Wilson to the Metropolitan Detention Center, where she was booked on suspicion of felony battery, police said.

    "At about 8:25 a.m. March 27, MDC personnel conducted a safety check of Ms. Wilson's cell and discovered her lying on the floor unconscious and not breathing," police said. "MDC personnel immediately requested paramedics and began lifesaving measures to revive her."

    This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

    This screenshot shows the LAPD jail at the moment on March 27, 2016 when detention officers discovered inmate Wakiesha Wilson slumped on the floor of a second floor cell.This screenshot shows the LAPD jail at the moment on March 27, 2016 when detention officers discovered inmate Wakiesha Wilson slumped on the floor of a second floor cell.

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    Chance the Rapper is reportedly buying a $4 million Streeterville condo. See inside it here.

    Photo Credit: VHT Studios

    A view from the living room.A view from the living room.

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    A man believed to be armed with a semi-automatic handgun barricaded himself inside a Hacienda Heights home Tuesday afternoon.

    Around 12:45 p.m. police received a call of the man possibly firing a weapon inside the home at 16616 Carriage Place, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Industry station said.

    Neighbors were evacuated from their homes as police tried to negotiate with the man. At one point, the shirtless suspect could be seen exiting a window onto a balcony toward the front of the home before going back inside.

    At one point, he exited through the side of the house and began tossing clothes onto the front yard before once again going back inside. He then went to the back of the house and began yelling at officers through another open window.

    The suspect took his shorts off and continued to shout and gesticulate at officers when he returned toward the front of the house and perched himself yet again atop the balcony. At one point, he also pulled down his boxers before tossing what appeared to be bottles down at officers.

    The LASD's Special Enforcement Bureau and Crisis Negotiation Team were on-site to try to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution, the Sheriff's Information Bureau said in a news release.

    The standoff finally came to an end around 4:13 p.m. when an officer entered the home and threatened to release a police K9 on the suspect as he stood on the balcony. Officers surrounded the man on the other side of the balcony and raised a ladder to him until he complied and climbed down.

    He was immediately arrested.

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    A baby taken along when his family's car was stolen has been reunited with his family thanks in part to a news photographer, NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

    WFLA Photographer Mark Eggers found the baby, still strapped in his car seat, in a St. Petersburg, Florida parking lot Monday afternoon.

    Eggers was working on another story at the time and was unaware of the ongoing search for the child.

    "It was only a couple minutes and I had no idea why somebody would leave a baby there," Egger said afterward. "I just made sure that while I was watching the baby he was safe."

    Police are still searching for the car thief who took and abandoned the baby.

    Read more from WFLA

    Photo Credit: WFLA

    A baby was safely recovered after a carjacker dumped the infant in a Florida parking lot on Monday, April 23, 2018.A baby was safely recovered after a carjacker dumped the infant in a Florida parking lot on Monday, April 23, 2018.

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    It's a feeling of satisfied knowing that can wash over any television viewer, wherever they happen to reside: A park or a building or a lane from the town where the viewer lives suddenly appears on screen, eliciting a gasp or nod from the person watching.

    The thing is? That gasp or nod of recognition happens rather often with TV fans who call Los Angeles home, and picking apart why can take exactly 13 words: Many productions, being based here, regularly visit the city's famous and everyday sights.

    One of the best-known of the modern-day LA-set series is "Bosch," which is based on author Michael Connelly's popular books. And the highly Los-Angeles-y production just rolled into its twisty fourth season on Amazon Prime in early April.

    The crime-intense drama doesn't just keep close to the interiors of the police station and courtroom, however. It can be found filming out on the roads of SoCal and calling upon the area's landmarks, location choices that make for plenty of I-know-that-place reactions from "Bosch" buffs watching from a 900XX zip code.

    Now many of those buffs'll be out, on Sunday, May 6, on a special walking tour of some of the iconic downtown locations seen on the series.

    A tour scheduled for the last Sunday in April sold out speedily, so best nab that $20 ticket for May 6 in fast fashion.

    Where shall you stroll in DTLA as you follow in the footsteps of Det. Harry Bosch? Angels Flight, yes. Pershing Square, of course. The Bradbury Building? You betcha. And the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, too.

    Downtown LA Walking Tours is at the helm of this one, though you can bet that "Bosch" devotees'll also bring the knowledge to the tour, filling in plot points here and there as to what happened where. 

    Our city, it is often said, is one big giant set, and series like "Bosch" turn the Klieg light on that attribute most brightly. Enjoy the insider-y nature of that over one spring Sunday afternoon.

    Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

    Walk by Angels Flight, Pershing Square, and other places seen on the Amazon Prime series on Sunday, May 6.Walk by Angels Flight, Pershing Square, and other places seen on the Amazon Prime series on Sunday, May 6.

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    Photo Credit: Heritage Auctions, Images

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    A Colorado teen steered his family to safety Sunday after his mom had a seizure behind the wheel.

    Thirteen-year-old Anthony Castner was riding in the front passenger seat when his mom, Sara, started shaking and let go of the wheel, NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

    When he realized she was having a seizure, Castner took control of the car, grabbing the wheel and turning it right to steer the SUV off the road and into the grass.

    The car eventually slowed to a stop, after running into a fence.

    Castner's 6-year-old sister and her friend were in the backseat.

    They all climbed out of the car, uninjured, and called 911.

    Sara was rushed to the hospital, and is doing fine. She says she is taking medication for epilepsy, and hasn't had a seizure in four years.

    Read more from KUSA

    Photo Credit: KUSA

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    A man who faced capital murder charges in the death of a taxi driver in Hollywood pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 11 years in state prison, prosecutors said Tuesday.

    Najib Halibi, 35, pleaded to the lesser charge in the death of Asifawosen Alemseged.

    Halibi, a passenger in the cab, got into a fight with Alemseged over a $24.75 fare at a gas station in Hollywood in 2016, police said.

    There were three passengers in the Yellow Cab that morning, all strangers, police said. The other two passengers helped identify the suspect, police said.

    Alemseged was known in his native Ethiopia as an actor, singer and poet.

    Friend and colleague Mekebib Seifu, who bonded 25 years ago when both men moved to LA from the same town in Ethiopia, said at the time of Halibi's arrest that Alemseged was "one of the good drivers."

    A taxi driver identified by a longtime friend as Asfawosen Alemseged was assaulted over cab fare and later died in Hollywood, authorities said Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016.A taxi driver identified by a longtime friend as Asfawosen Alemseged was assaulted over cab fare and later died in Hollywood, authorities said Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016.

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    A fire in Los Angeles' Harbor Gateway area became a far more complex situation that left a mother dead at the hands of her son, who then turned the gun on himself.

    After firefighters arrived on the scene of a blaze at approximately 4:30 a.m., Jose Ramirez's mother asked firefighters to arrest her son. Authorities say that the request led to the 27-year-old going back into the house and returning with a weapon.

    "He came back out with a firearm and shot his mother multiple times in the head," Captain Peter Whittingham of the LAPD South Bureau said. "The suspect then went back into the building." 

    Firefighters took cover, and the gunfire prevented the firefighters from providing the gunshot victim aid, police said.

    After a standoff, police said that Ramirez turned the gun on himself and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

    No firefighters were injured, but witnessing the brutal killing left the first-responders shocked from the experience according to a fire captain at the scene. The fire captain also shared that counseling was offered for the firefighters present at the scene.

    Photo Credit: KNBC-TV

    Police responded to a report of shots fired at the scene of a fire Tuesday April 24, 2018 in the Gardena area.Police responded to a report of shots fired at the scene of a fire Tuesday April 24, 2018 in the Gardena area.

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    Tens of thousands of marchers took to the streets to denounce the Armenian genocide on its 103rd anniversary.

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    Residents are on edge after a mystery woman began targeting their Burbank and Toluca Lake neighborhoods.

    Residents say their neighborhood is usually quiet and safe, but that sense of safety has been shaken as the woman has been captured on several security cameras going through unlocked cars and trying to break into people's homes.

    "We've had someone going around opening doors, trying to get into people's homes, getting into people's homes and stealing," said Burbank and Toluca Lake neighborhood Watch Captain Jill Share.

    The mystery woman has long, dark hair and was seen wearing Ugg boots with knee-high socks while carrying a large black bag with a white Chanel logo.

    "It was bizarre," said Linda Flaherty, a Burbank resident whose car was targeted. "I think it's absolutely bizarre. It's like 2:30 in the afternoon, broad daylight, sun shining and she just blatantly walks up like she owns the place."

    Karen Koenig's home was burglarized on the same day Flaherty's car was ransacked, forcing her to change the way she lives. "My door is locked 24/7, my windows are locked 24/7," Koenig said, lamenting the fact that the woman could be targeting her neighborhood precisely because residents usually feel safe enough to let their guard down.

    Neighbors are now warning each other, posting flyers and alerting one another on Facebook and the NextDoor app.

    "It's crazy. We've got to get her off the streets," Flaherty said.

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    A third federal judge on Tuesday ruled against the Trump administration's campaign to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for undocumented immigrants, ordering the administration not only to continue processing applications but also to resume accepting new ones.

    U.S. District Judge John Bates of the District of Columbia was withering in his 60-page ruling, calling the administration's attempts to end the program, known as DACA, "arbitrary," "capricious," "virtually unexplained" and "unlawful," NBC News reported.

    Bates stayed the ruling for 90 days to give the Department of Homeland Security time to come up with better arguments for scrapping the program. If it doesn't, he wrote, he will enter an order reinstating DACA in its entirety.

    Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    Demonstrators raise their fists in protest of President Trump's attempts to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive action made by President Obama that protected minors known as Dreamers who entered the country illegally from deportation, outside of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, USA on March 5, 2018.Demonstrators raise their fists in protest of President Trump's attempts to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive action made by President Obama that protected minors known as Dreamers who entered the country illegally from deportation, outside of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, USA on March 5, 2018.

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    A proposal to build a homeless shelter at a former Orange County elementary school was shot down after vehement public outcry. Christine Kim reports for NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

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    An unspeakable incident rallied the community in Riverside, after a special needs man was bullied, pushed around and effectively mugged for his beloved LA Dodgers' hat at a Target.

    "I was scared and nervous and frightened," Michael Cadena, 27, said about the incident, which occurred on Apr. 12.

    After being robbed of his head wear, Cadena went to store security to report the incident immediately and filed a report with police once they arrived on scene. After taking a look at Target's security cameras, the police offered a photo of the suspect donning the Dodgers' hat in question. Police are investigating the incident as a robbery.

    "I'm proud of him," Sylvia Cadena, Michael's mother, said. "Proud for speaking up and saying what was in his heart and mind."

    This story, however, has a happy ending, as the mother of the man explained on social media. Sylvia said her son received "new hats of all sorts" after news of the incident spread across the Riverside community.

    In addition, a good Samaritan donated a couple tickets for Michael to enjoy the Dodgers' game live. On Tuesday night, Michael saw the "Boys in Blue" take on the Miami Marlins, as Walker Buehler made his first big league start and got Michael a 2-1 win for his day at "Blue Heaven."

    What started out as an unconscionable bully attacking a special needs man and stealing his hat ended as a positive story about Riverside stepping up to support a vulnerable member of the community.

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    A suspected DUI driver surrendered Tuesday night following a short chase in the Downey area.

    The pursuit started shortly after 9 p.m. near the southbound 605 Freeway at Slauson Avenue in Whittier, according to the California Highway Patrol. 

    The suspect, driving a gray Mustang, yielded on the westbound 105 Freeway on the Lakewood Boulevard offramp. 

    At approximately 9:30 p.m., the driver threw the car keys out the window and after a short delay was taken into custody. 

    Photo Credit: NewsChopper 4

    A pursuit driver led officers on a chase in the Santa Fe Springs area on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.A pursuit driver led officers on a chase in the Santa Fe Springs area on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

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    The balk heard round the world.

    Tony Cingani was called for a controversial balk in the top of the eighth and the Miami Marlins came from behind to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, 3-2, on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium.

    The Dodgers entered the eighth inning leading 2-1, but after a broken-bat single for Derek Dietrich, Dodgers relief pitcher Tony Cingrani was called for a balk on a throw over to first base.

    Replay showed that Cingrani stepped towards the bag, not home plate, but the call stood. Two batters later, Starlin Castro doubled down the left field line and the game was tied. As the ball came back to the mound, Cingrani stared towards first base umpire Joe West.

    An inning later, the Marlins scored the winning run off Pedro Baez after a leadoff single by Brian Anderson and an RBI double by Cameron Maybin.


    The Dodgers got on the board first in the bottom of the second inning after back-to-back doubles by Matt Kemp and Austin Barnes.

    The Marlins tied the game in the top of the third thanks to a solo shot from catcher J.T. Realmuto.

    Chase Utley drew a bases loaded walk that scored the go-ahead run in the bottom of the seventh inning.

    Kenta Maeda did not factor in the decision, despite a strong performance. The Japanese right-hander allowed one run on four hits with one walk and seven strikeouts in six innings.

    Dillon Peters had his best start of the season, allowing just one run on four hits with two walks and four strikeouts in 5 and 1/3 innings. He also did not factor in the decision.

    The Dodgers five-game winning streak over the Marlins was snapped.

    Up Next:

    The finale of the three-game series with Miami and the six-game homestand concludes with RHP Trevor Richards squaring off with Clayton Kershaw. First pitch is at 4:35PM PST.

    Please refresh this page for more updates, stats, and player reactions…


    If you can't view the embedded videos, click "VIEW THE FULL MOBILE SITE"  at the bottom of this page.

    Photo Credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images
    This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

    Cody Bellinger #35 of the Los Angeles Dodgers strikes out during the first inning of a game against the Miami Marlins at Dodger Stadium on April 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)Cody Bellinger #35 of the Los Angeles Dodgers strikes out during the first inning of a game against the Miami Marlins at Dodger Stadium on April 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

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    A high desert man was taken into custody Tuesday after investigators say he was seen on cellphone video performing a sex act in front of a teenage boy.

    Family members say the incident happened in Victorville as the boy was walking home.

    A 16-year-old boy recorded cellphone video because his brother said a man in a black BMW began following him home Monday. He said he started recording because he had a feeling something bad was about to happen.

    The man was allegedly masturbating while asking, "What time is it?"

    "He wanted my brother to watch him for some reason," the victim's brother Jeremiah Dugan said.

    Dugan says his brother kept walking and as the man drove off, he took a picture of the back of the man's car.

    "This is apparently the second time my brother has seen him. The first time was a few months back," Dugan said.

    Dugan said because his brother didn't have proof of that first incident, he made sure to record the Monday incident.

    That video helped lead detectives to a home a few miles away, where they say they located 27-year-old Brad Winston Powell, who is believed to be the suspect.

    A black BMW was seen in the driveway of Powell's home similar to the one seen in the cellphone video.

    Neighbors were horrified.

    "It's creepy," Victorville resident Tina Freeland said.

    Dugan said ever since he posted the video on Facebook, he has heard from others who say they, too, had similar encounters.

    "They saw him while they were in a car and he was beside them and he had made gestures," Dugan said.

    Investigators believe there could be more victims and encourage them to reach out. Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to call the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, Victorville Station at 760-241-2911.

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    Two teen siblings said a shooter pulled alongside their pickup and opened fire on them on a freeway north of Los Angeles.

    The California Highway Patrol responded to a call of a shooting on the 14 Freeway, where 19-year-old Harry Nalbandyan and 17-year-old Christina Nalbandyan reported the encounter with another driver. Harry suffered a graze wound to the shoulder, neck and ear while Christina suffered cuts to her left cheek and forehead.

    It was not immediately clear whether they were struck by gunfire or glass from the pickup's shattered driver's side window.

    The siblings said a driver in a silver Honda CR-V was weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway in the Agua Dulce area. He pulled into the HOV lane, rolled down a window and opened fire, Harry said.

    "I ducked down to avoid the bullet," said 19-year-old Harry, who was driving the pickup. "He shot like eight bullets at me."

    His sister was in the passenger's seat. 

    "We yelled at one another, 'Are you alive. I love you.' That's it," said Christina.

    This is a developing story. Please refresh for details.

    Photo Credit: LoudLabs News

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    Former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid said he worries U.S. institutions have been “decimated” under President Donald Trump, who he says is not a "nice man."

    But the longtime Democratic leader is warning members of his party that "the less we talk about impeachment the better we are."

    "I’ve been through impeachment, and they’re not pleasant," he told NBC News in his first network interview since leaving the Senate in 2016.

    Reid also expressed disappointment that Republicans were unwilling to warn the public about Russian meddling during the election.

    "My colleagues were afraid," he said. "They were afraid of Trump. They were afraid of [James] Comey, the FBI.”

    In October 2016, Reid sent a letter to Comey blasting him for withholding “explosive” information about Trump and Russia even as the FBI chief held a press conference about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    Photo Credit: AP

    FILE - In this Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 file photo Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. listens during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington.FILE - In this Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 file photo Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. listens during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington.

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    A recently resigned Port Authority commissioner was captured on police dash cam ranting at two police officers on a New Jersey roadway, yelling at them, "You may shut the f--- up!" after they pulled over a car in which her daughter was a passenger over Easter weekend.

    Caren Z. Turner abruptly resigned on Monday as the Port Authority said that it was investigating allegations that she'd violated the board's code of ethics.

    A spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said in a statement to News 4, "The Board takes its recently adopted Code of Ethics for Commissioners extremely seriously... Commissioner Turner’s resignation was appropriate given her outrageous conduct."

    Turner could not be reached for comment Tuesday. No one answered the door at her listed home address. 

    Turner, a 60-year-old Democratic lobbyist who served as ethics chair of the Port Authority, had been called by her daughter on March 31 to pick up her and several friends on Route 9W after the car in which they were riding was impounded, according to a police report. When Turner arrives, video obtained by News 4 shows her introducing herself to the officers, saying, "I'm here as a concerned citizen and friend of the mayor." 

    She asks why they were pulled over, and an officer responds, "The driver has all the information, he'll tell you all you need to know," adding that she wasn't involved in the traffic stop. 

    "No, no, no. I'm involved. Trust me. I'm very involved," she said. 

    Turner shows them something -- later identified in a police report as a Port Authority gold badge -- and says, "I am the commissioner of the Port Authority, and I am heading up over 4,000 police officers, OK?" 

    "Let's hear -- why were they pulled over, first of all?" Turner says.

    One of the officers responds, "Miss --"

    Turner interrupts him, "No, no, no, don't call me 'Miss.' I'm 'Commissioner.' Thank you." 

    The officer reiterates that she can ask the driver of the vehicle herself why the car was pulled over. Turner does not relent, however, and presses him: "I just want to know why."

    The officer tells her, "I just don't appreciate your demeanor. You're being very demanding with me," the officer says.

    The tense exchange continues for several minutes. 

    "There's a problem with you describing it because you don't feel confident why these people are being pulled over," Turner says.

    The officer responds, "Your daughter is not being summoned. She was not the driver, it's not her vehicle, it's not your vehicle. How are you involved?"

    Turner vows to meet with the Tenafly police commissioner over the traffic stop, and then tells the officer, "I hope you have a really nice holiday weekend, because you just ruined it for a lot of people."

    As she continues to complain, the officer suggests they move the conversation to another location because they were on a high-speed road. Turner says sarcastically, "I'm so sorry, thank you for your concern for my safety. I don't need it. You can't put a sentence together, sorry. That's pathetic. You are a disappointment." 

    Then she turns to the other officer, "And you are just following him. So you are also a disappointment." 

    When the first officer tells Turner that she "may" now escort the group away, she responds, "You may not tell me when to take my child. You may shut the f--- up and not tell me when I may take my kid and her friends, who are Ph.D. students from M.I.T. and Yale. You may tell me nothing, because you told me nothing. Shame on both of you." 

    Later, out of sight of the camera, after the car is impounded by a police-contracted towing operator, she tells the officer: "I hope you're happy because you seem to have a smug-ass look on your face and it seems to please you." 

    The officer says, "You work with police officers, correct?"

    She responds, "Yeah, I work with 4,000 of them."

    He says, "I'm just a little disappointed that --"

    She interrupts, "You don't get to be disappointed in me."

    But the officer continues, "You don't seem like a very big police supporter, I don't know. It seems like you would have more of an inside look at the job... it just caught me by surprise, your demeanor a little bit, using inappropriate words and such."

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," Turner says. "You know what, Matt? This isn't going to go down like this." 

    She later says, "The police have all been in my home, and in my second home, and in my third home in Tenafly."

    Tenafly Police Chief Robert Chamberlain told he would let the video speak for itself. He had sent a copy of the video to the Port Authority Inspector General, along with the incident report by the officers.

    "When the incident was passed on to my attention, I felt it warranted calling the Port Authority," he told, saying he had no other comment. 

    The officer said in the report that he told her he was under no legal obligation to fill her in on what happened because all the occupants in the car were adults. Turner "became further enraged and began using profanity," the report said. 

    The traffic stop stemmed from side tinted windows -- which are not legal in New Jersey -- and a partially obscured license plate. Police called a tow truck to impound the car and issued several summonses to the driver. 

    Dash cam video from that portion of the traffic stop shows the driver and the police officer speaking calmly. The car is owned by the parents of the driver's girlfriend, who was also in the car, and the officer explains to the driver that the car has been unregistered for two years: "We can't have an unregistered car that's operating on the street."

    The officer says the car has to be impounded, and the driver nods and responds agreeably through the conversation, even prompting the officer to tell him, "You seem like a really nice guy, I don't mean to be doing this to you, putting you in this spot. I genuinely believe you had no idea, 100 percent."

    The Port Authority oversees airports, bridges, tunnels and rail facilities across the region. It also owns and manages the World Trade Center site.

    Turner was appointed to the Port Authority last year by then-Gov. Chris Christie, and has served on finance committees for Hillary Clinton and Gov. Jon Corzine, reports. 

    Photo Credit: News 4 NY

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    A man was shot while driving early Tuesday in a seemingly random attack on the 215 Freeway in the Colton area, according to the California Highway Patrol.

    The victim was driving alone northbound on the freeway at about 1:30 a.m. when his arm was shot in what police called an "unprovoked attack." Officials said there is no indication that the shooting was an act of road rage.

    "When the shots were fired, one got stuck in the door, one came past my face and right into my arm," victim Scott Decristofaro said.

    Decristofaro was transported to a local trauma center with non-life threatening injuries, CHP said. He suffered an injury to the arm. 

    His only description of the gunman’s car was that it was a gold sedan.

    "It's crazy," his wife Laura said. "Feels like a bad dream we can't wake up from. I'm so thankful that he's ok."

    The victim has a new appreciation for his life after the experience.

    "I appreciate life right now," he said. "A couple of inches, the police officer said, would have caught my chest."

    Anyone with information on the shooting is encouraged to contact the California Highway Patrol San Bernardino Division at 909-383-4247.

    Photo Credit: Inland News

    A man was shot Tuesday, April 24, 2018 while driving northbound on the 215 Freeway in the Colton area.A man was shot Tuesday, April 24, 2018 while driving northbound on the 215 Freeway in the Colton area.

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    One man was transported to a hospital Wednesday after his vehicle struck a series of poles in Long Beach.

    The crash was reported near the intersection of Market Street and Cherry Avenue, according to the Long Beach Police Department.

    Speed is believed to be a factor in the crash, but the cause is still under investigation. Officials have closed the area until further notice.

    Photo Credit: Southern Counties News

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    A Liverpool couple who decided to wed at New York’s City Hall panicked when they realized they needed a witness. But the Internet came to their rescue.

    Dan and Gill McCauley, who met two years ago at a pub, decided to tie the knot in New York City. Both had been married before, each have children, and they wanted to do something “just for us,” they said.

    They booked a date at the New York City Marriage Bureau, but just weeks before they were due to exchange vows, they realized they were missing one crucial thing: a witness. To be legally wed in New York, a couple needs to have a witness, and the British couple didn’t know who to turn to.

    Dan had an idea, but it was a long shot. Without expecting much of a response, he posted on a community page for New York City residents on the online platform Reddit.

    “Hi peeps I need a witness for clerks office wedding we're coming to nyc in 2 weeks and we're panicking over a witness,” the post read.

    Within a day the couple was overwhelmed with responses from New Yorkers willing to give up their mornings so the couple could get married. Dan and Gill said they had about 15 responses to their call for help, but Michael Robinson stood out.

    "We've got a guy called Mike who has agreed to be a witness and take photos for free," Dan said. “He just seemed like a really, really nice guy."

    Come Tuesday, the couple were found just inside the revolving doors at the New York City Marriage Bureau, standing as though meeting a blind-date of sorts, looking out for "Mike." The bride wore an apricot dress with lace sleeves and matching apricot trainers that sparkled with silver sequins. She also held a matching bouquet a friend had made her, which she'd brought over in her hand-luggage.

    “I have high heels in my bag, I’m going to change into them,” she giggled. She didn’t, and the groom joked after the wedding that now he was unlikely to ever see them on her.

    Outside, it was the perfect day for a wedding: blue skies, not a breath of wind and at least 50 degrees. Outside the Marriage Bureau, the entrepreneurial flog bouquets of flowers, confetti and even cheap rings. Two men lingered with professional-looking cameras, one with a small display of couples who have come before perched on the stone wall of the building. Multi-colored petals lined the concrete steps up the to bureau, along with a few cigarette butts.

    Robinson arrived through the revolving doors at 9 a.m. on the dot, as promised. Also from Britain, Michael recently quit his job to take photos and focus on professional development, and with his DSLR camera he snapped photos of his new friends as they waited to marry. He said, when used for good, Reddit could be really good. 

    After going through the metal detector, the couple was given a number -- much like at the Social Security Office. On green felt couches, alongside other grooms and brides to-be, they chatted with Robinson about their adventures in New York City so far — getting lost on the subway and going to Rudy’s tavern to get a beer, a shot and a free hot dog.

    “C007” came over the loudspeaker. After hearing their number, Dan, Gill and Mike made their way first to the license counter and then to wait their turn for the chapel.

    “I'm really nervous,” Gill said. Daniel was, too. “We’ve got all the paparazzi here,” he joked.

    Soon the couple were called into the chapel for their turn with the Bureau’s celebrant. Like the most traditional of weddings, the lovers recited their vows, exchanged rings and sealed the promise with a kiss. Mike snapped away on his camera, and dutifully captured a close-up of the rings, as requested by Gill.

    With the rest of their lives planned, what did they plan to do with the rest of the day? “We’re going to get a drink with Mike,” Dan said. And the happy trio wandered off into the sunshine.

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    A manhunt is underway for a suspect police believe to be armed and extremely dangerous after a Maine sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in the town of Norridgewock early Wednesday morning.

    Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole was shot and killed between 1 and 2 a.m., according to police.

    The suspect, identified as John Williams, 29, of Madison, Maine, then allegedly stole Cole's marked cruiser and committed a theft at a Cumberland Farms store on Waterville Road. He was seen fleeing the store in the cruiser.

    Cole's abandoned cruiser was found around 5 a.m. off of Mill Stream Road in Norridgewock, and law enforcement officials believe Williams then fled on foot and is still at large.

    Williams is described as being 5-foot, 6-inches, weighing about 120 pounds and having blue eyes. He has brown hair that is long enough for a ponytail and is shaved on the sides, according to police. It's unclear if Williams has access to another vehicle.

    "The suspect should be considered armed and extremely dangerous," Somerset Sheriff Dale Lancaster said.

    A nationwide alert for Williams has been issued, police said. Anyone who sees him is asked to immediately call 911. Maine State Police Lt. Col. John Cote urged residents to "be aware of their surroundings and have a broad situational awareness because he does continue to pose a risk."

    The manhunt for Williams is being coordinated by the Somerset Count Sheriff's Office with help from state police, Maine Game Wardens, U.S. Marshals and the FBI.

    Police ordered Mill Stream Elementary in Norridgewock to close and part of Route 2 was also shut down amid the ongoing investigation.

    A little over a month ago, on March 22, Williams was arrested on multiple firearms charges and traffic violations in Haverhill, Massachusetts, after he apparently drove off Interstate 495 and into a ditch. He was found with a firearm in his possession, and he did not have a license to carry it.

    The charges against him included possession of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, possession fo ammunition without an FID card, possession of a large capacity feeding device, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and a marked lanes violation.

    His bail in that case was initially set at $10,000, police said, but a court clerk said a judge later reduced it to $5,000 and he was released on that amount later the same day. He was scheduled to appear in court in Massachusetts for a pretrial hearing today.

    Cole, 62, was a 13-year veteran of the Somerset County Sheriff's Office. He leaves behind a son.

    Lancaster called Wednesday "a very sad day" for his office and Mainers.

    "We have lost an outstanding deputy today who has served with great distinction," he said. "He was an outstanding employee. He was one of the finest deputies that you'd want to meet."

    "Our deepest condolences go out to the family of fallen Deputy Sheriff Corporal Eugene Cole," Maine Gov. Paul LePage tweeted out. "If you live in Somerset County and the surrounding area, please cooperate with law enforcement and stay safe."

    "I am deeply saddened to learn Cpl. Eugene Cole was killed in the line of duty in Norridgewock this morning," U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said on Twitter. "Cpl. Cole served the citizens of Somerset County for 13 years with honor & distinction, & Maine will be eternally grateful for his brave actions to protect his community."

    Cole's death marked the first officer shooting death in Maine since 1989, when Maine State Police Detective Giles Landry was shot and killed while investigating a child abuse complaint in Leeds.

    Photo Credit: Somerset County Sheriff's Office

    Left: Shooting suspect John Williams; Right: Fallen Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Cpl. Eugene ColeLeft: Shooting suspect John Williams; Right: Fallen Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole

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    LAPD Officer Arius George hit this one from way downtown, banking in a full-court one-handed shot with his back to the basket. The video was posted on the department's Twitter feed Monday April 23, 2018.

    Photo Credit: LAPD

    LAPD Officer Arius George nailed a stunning trick shot in this video posted Monday April 23, 2018 to the LAPD's Twitter page.LAPD Officer Arius George nailed a stunning trick shot in this video posted Monday April 23, 2018 to the LAPD's Twitter page.