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    The fire that, one year ago, destroyed Glyn Evans' Santa Rosa ranch was insatiable, unstoppable and unfailingly cruel.

    Not only did it take the life of Evans' wife, Valerie, but it also consumed any and all possessions that might help Glyn remember their 45 years together.

    Well, almost all.

    Spared in the fire was Valerie's favorite animal: a 16-year-old, 1,600-pound Texas Longhorn cow named Angel.

    "She means the world to me right now," Glyn said.

    The fire left Glyn's property with no power, no water, no fences, and no barn to house Angel so, for the past year, the cow has been living on a ranch in the city of Penngrove, 15 miles away.

    In spite of the distance, Glyn visited Angel every single day, bonding with his last tangible connection to his wife and looking forward to the day he could return Angel to her favorite pasture alongside Highway 101.

    "If I did that, it would make me feel like at least one thing was normal again," Glyn said.

    The property, however, needed a lot of work before that could happen; too much work right now for Glyn to handle.

    Good thing, then, that unbeknownst to Glyn, Angel already had a fan club.

    Standing alongside 101 for the past 15 years, Angel had become a fixture to the thousands of commuters who passed her every single day. When they learned via social media that Angel survived the fire but needed help to come home, many jumped at the chance.

    "Yea, they have lined up in droves to help us get her home," Glyn said.

    A GoFundMe page was started and volunteers restored water, fencing, and a small barn for Angel.

    It all made Angel's return possible.

    On Sunday, Angel was loaded into a trailer and driven form Penngrove back to her old home and took her place in her old field.

    "This is great, just dynamite," Glyn said. "I am happier today than I have been since the fire, like things are finally going to be normal for a while."

    There is still much work to be done on the ranch, and in the region, before anything resembles normal again. But one step at a time, one cow at a time, they are getting it done.

    "She made it home," Glyn said, "and Sonoma County is strong."

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    Statues of Dwight Clark and Joe Montana, commemorating “The Catch,” will be unveiled four hours before kickoff Sunday outside of Levi’s Stadium, the club announced.

    The ceremony is scheduled from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Sunday outside Gate A at Levi’s Stadium.

    Sculptures weighing 350 pounds apiece will depict a leaping Clark and Montana with his arms raised. The statutes will be placed 23 yards apart -- the distance Montana’s pass to Clark traveled on the iconic play against the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 10, 1982, in the NFC Championship Game that lifted the 49ers to their first Super Bowl.

    Montana and Clark’s wife, Kelly, along with 49ers CEO Jed York will take part in the ceremony before the 49ers face the Los Angeles Rams.

    Clark died on June 4 from ALS. The 49ers will continue to honor Clark's legacy with a marking “87” at the location in the north end zone where Clark made “The Catch” at Candlestick Park.

    Funds raised throughout the weekend will support Clark’s charity of choice, the Golden Heart Fund, which offers 49ers alumni financial, medical, psychological or emotional support.

    A sketch of the new statues of A sketch of the new statues of "The Catch" to be unveiled at the 49ers' Levi's Stadium on Sunday. (Oct. 18, 2018)

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    In a video advertisement for his Florida gubernatorial campaign, Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis urged his toddler-aged daughter to "build the wall" with colorful toy blocks. DeSantis, who faced off against an establishment Republican, had already gotten President Donald Trump's endorsement the month before. DeSantis would go on to win his primary in a landslide, the race called within minutes of polls closing. 

    His path hasn't been so easy since. A late September NBC News/Marist poll has him trailing Democrat Andrew Gillum by 5 points.

    Many Republicans pursuing the governor's mansion this cycle face a predicament in the general election: a tie to President Trump may have swayed a primary in their favor, but in closer races, it could impede chances of winning the seat.

    The recipe for a possible blue wave in November, a surge in Democratic wins, includes state specific issues but Trump is another main ingredient. This fall's gubernatorial races could be an indicator of sentiment on the president himself, though incumbency and other factors will also play a role, according to political academics.

    "In any midterm election, the president’s party tends to pay a price," said Barry Burden, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In the 2018 election, Trump has an especially low approval rating, he said. "I think that puts Republicans in particular jeopardy this year."

    Of the nine governor's seats Democrats hold, the Cook Political Report predicts one race is a tossup and one leans Republican. The rest are rated as leaning or likely blue. But of the 26 seats Republicans hold, nine are tossup races, two lean Democrat and one is likely going Democratic. The upshot: many Republican seats are up for grabs this November.

    Nonpartisan Michigan pollster Richard Czuba told The Associated Press that many independents lean Democrat in large part due to "distaste" for the president.

    "The national tide towards Democrats is tilting states like Colorado and Minnesota in the Democratic direction," said Stephen Ansolabehere, professor of government at Harvard University. "Those are pretty competitive states, maybe slightly leaning Democratic, but there are national conditions pushing in that direction."

    "A lot of Republican candidates in other places couldn’t necessarily [distance themselves from Trump] because that's a good way to lose a primary," said Geoffrey Skelley, who worked at Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball when NBC spoke to him and is now an analyst at FiveThirtyEight. "President Trump remains popular among Republicans nationally."

    In Minnesota, GOP nominee Jeff Johnson beat former Gov. Tim Pawlenty in the primary, slamming him for being "anti-Trump" in 2016. He later won Trump’s endorsement even though Pawlenty pointed out Johnson had once called Trump a "jackass." Heading into the general election, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party challenger Tim Walz has been leading in the polls.

    Similarly, in Florida and Kansas, Ansolabehere noted, Trump-backed candidates are underperforming. DeSantis was behind in September, and Kris Kobach is leading but not by as large a margin as expected for a Republican in Kansas.

    And in Georgia, a tossup race in a state that went for Trump in 2016, the Democrat, Stacey Abrams, faces Trump-endorsed state Attorney General Brian Kemp, who has been sued for putting 53,000 voter registrations on hold. Governors and allies in the Republican Governors Association were frustrated by Trump’s decision to endorse Kemp, The New York Times reported in July.

    Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee told the Times: "Our focus at the R.G.A. has always been on making certain we can win the general election."

    The governors association has since backed Kemp, funding TV ads targeting Abrams.

    The majority of the governor's races seen as close contests lean Democrat, according to polls, and are in places where incumbents are not running, such as Florida, Nevada, and Ohio. 

    Open seats present the most promising opportunity for Democrats, even when Republicans are the majority in the state, if the outgoing incumbent is unpopular. 

    "Governors races can be separated from the federal election environment to some extent," Skelley said. "But at the end of the day, there is still a pretty strong connection there, and a Republican president with a mediocre approval rating [has] also helped."

    A comfortable distance from Trump is easier to establish for certain popular incumbent governors. With Congress in Washington and governors more associated with state management issues like infrastructure and education, their races are less bound to presidential approval than federal elections. Moderate first term Republican incumbents Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan could win reelection in their blue states. 

    "If federal context is the only thing that mattered, Republican governors in Massachusetts, Maryland and Vermont would be done for," Skelley said. "They would have no way of surviving. Yet, they are all heavily favored to win reelection."

    Ansolabehere noted that a "great" economy also balances the effect of Trump's low popularity. Many Democrats have run on, in part, critiques of Republicans' tax bill and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, measures they say will exacerbate disparities in wealth.

    Beyond Trump's influence, 2018 is expected to result in what many midterm elections have seen in the past — a reaction to the party in power. 

    "This year we’re seeing a corrective," Ansolabehere said.

    Americans voted out the majority party in 2014, as they did in 2010, and in 2006. This round of midterm elections might not be too different, he and others predict.

    "Whereas, for the last several election cycles, the Republicans have been particularly strong, picking up governors mansions, this time around they have a lot of territory to defend and they have to defend it in a political environment that is amid a Democratic wave," said Jennifer Lawless, professor of government at American University. She said that the majority of competitive races "are competitive in a way that would allow Democrats to pick up a seat.”

    Democrats have been arguing in campaigns that if Trump can nominate another Supreme Court justice, tipping the balance of the court further, some issues might revert to the states to sort out. State legislatures become increasingly important when that occurs. Lawless cited Roe v. Wade as an example — if it is overturned, the party controlling the state legislature "becomes far more important than they have been in the past."

    It remains unclear what role Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation fight will have this November in governor's races.

    For Republican gubernatorial incumbents, separating their campaigns from their party's national reputation this election cycle can be difficult, Lawless said. 

    "If this is a change election, and if this is an election cycle where voters want to move in a new direction, that disproportionately benefits Democrats," she said.

    Even incumbents who have been vocal opponents of Trump "are in some ways wearing the national Republican albatross around their neck." 

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

    Gubernatorial candidates endorsed by President Donald Trump include (clockwise from top-left) Ron DeSantis for Florida, Jeff Johnson for Minnesota, Kris Kobach for Kansas and Brian Kemp for Georgia.Gubernatorial candidates endorsed by President Donald Trump include (clockwise from top-left) Ron DeSantis for Florida, Jeff Johnson for Minnesota, Kris Kobach for Kansas and Brian Kemp for Georgia.

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    Dashcam video shows an Orange County sheriff’s deputy repeatedly punching a man in the face and then dragging him to the ground, but the sheriff’s department says the force used was appropriate.

    Mohamed Sayem was sitting in his car in a parking lot of the Corner Pocket Bar in Westminister waiting for the alcohol to wear off, but his attorney said what happened next is use of excessive force. The video shows two Orange County deputies on either side of Sayem’s car asking to see his identification.

    Sayem and the deputies are seen talking to each other just before he is pressed up against the car and punched in the face repeatedly until he finally falls to the ground.

    "You going to shoot me?," Sayem asked the deputies.

    He is then restrained on the ground. Sayem suffered injuries to his head and knees, attorney Scott Sanders said. 

    Deputies were called to the parking lot by a resident who encountered Sayem, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. In a statement, the agency said "the deputy made every attempt to deescalate the situation."

    "The subject refused to do so and attempted to physically engage the deputy, during which the deputy used force appropriate for the situation to gain control of an uncooperative, assaultive and intoxicated person," the statement continued. "The deputy's report is consistent with the video in its entirety, and charges were filed by the OC District Attorney's office. Any assertion otherwise substantially misrepresents the facts, and serves only to swell an anti-law enforcement narrative."

    Sayem is now charged with a felony of resisting arrest.

    "You blew it," Sander’s said. "You beat him up in a situation you didn’t need that level of force. The answer can’t be that Mr. Sayem pays the price."

    Photo Credit: KNBC

    Mohamed Sayem was repeatedly punched in the face by Orange County Deputies in Westminister.Mohamed Sayem was repeatedly punched in the face by Orange County Deputies in Westminister.

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    While we can name many important artifacts, documents, and treasures that have helped to tell the human story, one of the humblest, most recent, and most common of all historical records is one we can probably find in the attic: the home movie.

    Of course, "humblest" and "common" are not exactly accurate, for home movies have become essential and important look-backs into how people have lived their domestic and private lives since, pretty much, the dawn of film, or at least the at-home movie camera.

    If you've got a home movie you love, perhaps a reel passed down to you from a grandparent, there's a way to watch it, and share it with other enthusiasts of the form: Home Movie Day Los Angeles is just ahead, and it is free to join.

    How it'll work?

    Show at The Autry Museum of the American West on Sunday, Oct. 21you'll want to RSVP first — and be sure to have a 16mm, 8mm, or Super 8 film in tow.

    "Professional film archivists will inspect your prints," beginning at 10 in the morning, and if a splice or fix-up is required, they'll get on it.

    Screenings start at noon, which means that if you're in a seat, you'll be able to savor the sweet, funny, or offbeat cinematic stories that your fellow attendees brought in, alongside the one you yourself delivered.

    Home Movie Bingo, door prizes, and lots of love for home-movie-dom, including "helpful tips on caring for your films," are part of the educational and entertaining day.

    So, what's on that vintage reel at the bottom of the cardboard box in the hall closet? Your aunt's sweet sixteen birthday party? The happy day your grandparents bought their first car?

    Head to The Autry for this domestically delightful day of seeing how we once lived in the long-ago past, and the not-so-long-ago past, too.

    Photo Credit: The Autry

    A projectionist will screen your vintage reel at the Griffith Park museum. Nice? It's free. Be there on Oct. 21, 2018.A projectionist will screen your vintage reel at the Griffith Park museum. Nice? It's free. Be there on Oct. 21, 2018.

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    A figure emerges from a glistening Swedish lake holding a mysterious sword, crusted over and worn by time.

    No, this is not the opening scene from a new “Thor” movie. Nor is it an excerpt from a Nordic myth about a deity and their magical weapon.

    The figure is an 8-year-old, blond-haired girl named Saga Vaneck who discovered an ancient sword while playing in Vidostern lake in southern Sweden in July. Vaneck reflected on her find in an Oct. 19 essay for The Guardian.

    “I felt like a warrior, but Daddy said I looked like Pippi Longstocking,” Vaneck recounted. “The sword felt rough and hard, and I got some sticky, icky brown rust on my hands.”

    Archeologists have since discovered the relic is an approximately 1,500-year-old, pre-Viking sword sheathed in wood and leather.

    Researchers were prompted to search the lake after Saga’s find and unearthed a broach from between 300 and 400 A.D.

    “I came back from gym class and the whiteboard said, ‘Saga’s sword’ and there were balloons, and the whole class got to have ice-cream,” Vaneck said, describing what happened after news of her discovery broke.

    Vaneck’s fantastical experience has also caused the Internet to compare her to other European mythical figures.

    She’s been called “the queen of Sweden” because in some versions of the King Arthur origin story, the founder of the Knights of the Roundtable receives his sword Excalibur from a mystical lake woman. The gift predicted his position as king.

     “I am not a lady – I’m only eight – but it’s true I found a sword in the lake,” Vaneck said. “I wouldn’t mind being queen for a day, but when I grow up I want to be a vet. Or an actor in Paris.”

    Read the full essay here

    Photo Credit: Jönköping County Museum

    These handout photos show a pre-Viking sword found by an 8-year-old girl in Vidostern lake in the summer of 2018 and archeologists with the Jönköping County Museum scouring the location for more.These handout photos show a pre-Viking sword found by an 8-year-old girl in Vidostern lake in the summer of 2018 and archeologists with the Jönköping County Museum scouring the location for more.

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    The Los Angeles Dodgers will try to assure themselves of their second-consecutive World Series appearance when they face the Milwaukee Brewers Friday night at Milwaukee's Miller Park.

    Hyun-Jin Ryu will start the Dodgers off against fellow left-hander Wade Miley in a rematch of the Game 2 starters. Last Saturday, Ryu allowed two runs and six hits in 4 1/3 innings, striking out four and not walking a batter in the Dodgers 4-3 victory at Miller Park.

    "I thought we did a nice job against Ryu the first game," Brewers manager Craig Counsell said.

    Ryu has gone 2-0 with a 2.30 ERA in five career postseason starts, striking out 21 batters and walking three, limiting opposing hitters to a .231 average.

    Miley is making his second consecutive start. On Wednesday, he walked Dodgers leadoff hitter Cody Bellinger on five pitches in the bottom of the first in Game 5 and was later replaced by Brandon Woodruff.

    The "plan all along" was to replace Miley with Woodruff after one batter and have Miley start Game 6, confirmed Counsell after the game.

    Miley shut out the Dodgers over 5 2/3 innings in Game 2, allowing two hits and striking out three. He did not walk a batter.

    Teams with a 3-2 lead in a best-of-seven National League Championship Series have a 15-6 series record. Teams trailing 3-2 with Games 6 and 7 scheduled at home have a 4-8 record.

    The Dodgers have a 5-1 record when taking a 3-2 lead in a best-of-seven series. The only loss came in the 1952 World Series when they were based in Brooklyn and faced the New York Yankees.

    The Dodgers have held Milwaukee to three runs over the past two games. "We need to score more runs," Counsell said. "I think it boils down to our bats and have better at-bats and just trying to create more pressure on the other team."

    Dave Roberts, Dodgers manager, credited his team's lead to its bullpen. Dodgers relievers have allowed three runs in 21 2/3 innings.

    "I think for our pen to eat up those innings and put up a bunch of zeros allowed us to stay in games, keep leads," Roberts said, referring to Clayton Kershaw's four-inning stint in Game 1 and Ryu's 4 1/3 innings in Game 2.

    The last time the Dodgers made consecutive World Series appearances in 1977 and 1978, they lost to the Yankees.

    Milwaukee is coming off back-to-back losses for the first time since Sept. 15-16. Their last three-game losing streak was Aug. 15-18.

    The Brewers entered the NLCS with an 11-game winning streak, which they extended to 12 games with a 6-5 victory in Game 1. Since then, Milwaukee has lost three of four games.

    If necessary, Game 7 would be played Saturday at Miller Park.

    The NLCS winner will face the American League champion Boston Red Sox in the World Series, which will begin Tuesday at Fenway Park. Boston completed its five-game victory over the defending World Series champion Houston Astros Thursday with a 4-1 victory at Minute Maid Park.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

    LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 04: Hyun-Jin Ryu #99 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers the pitch during the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves during Game One of the National League Division Series at Dodger Stadium on October 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 04: Hyun-Jin Ryu #99 of the Los Angeles Dodgers delivers the pitch during the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves during Game One of the National League Division Series at Dodger Stadium on October 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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    Steam? You'll see it in the kitchen, if you're boiling water for mac 'n cheese, or you're running an especially toasty bath.

    STEAM? It exists in everything we humans do, and everything beyond our human existence, too, thanks to its all-encompassing nature and ability to weave through every action and object in existence.

    But how to delve further into the world of STEAM-tastic to-dos and discover the ecstatic-making joys of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics?

    Finding fun outings for both curious youngsters and knowledge-hungry grown-ups can seem as challenging as holding onto a handful of steam as it disperses above your mac 'n cheese pot. 

    Thank goodness Innovate Pasadena's annual Connect Week is here.

    The multi-event happening delivers smart, hands-on opportunities for the public in a variety of fields and disciplines.

    So, no, you don't have to be a CalTech student to attend, though, by all means, CalTech students, and all students, and all scientists and engineers and mathematicians and artists, are heartily invited.

    As is everyone who loves learning, adventure, and what makes our world/universe tick.

    Over 45,000 participants are expected at over 100 innovation-focused events, events that include "seminars, tech crawls, interactive happenigns, AI, virtual reality, robotics, programming," and oodles more.

    The nine-day spectacular, which runs from Oct. 20 through 28, 2018, includes the NASA Space Apps Challenge, an intro to 3D printing, a steampunk soirée, a robot open build, Garage Band for grades 2-6, tech-fascinating open houses, arcade nights, and forest adventures, too.

    The Arboretum, Kidspace Children's Museum, ArtCenter College of Design, the Pasadena Public Library, and several other locations around the area are involved.

    It's big, and while we would call it "moon big" or even "continent big," for surely a mathematician would rightly take us to task on our calculations, you can bet that science-loving, art-obsessed, education-seeking Southern Californians will be out, by the thousands, soaking up Connect Week goodness, for nine noggin-growing days.

    Photo Credit: Akiko Whalen

    The innovation-focused festival'll offer STEAM-tastic to-dos for both kids and adults from Oct. 20 through 28 around the Crown City and San Gabriel Valley.The innovation-focused festival'll offer STEAM-tastic to-dos for both kids and adults from Oct. 20 through 28 around the Crown City and San Gabriel Valley.

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    A man from San Marino contracted typhus transmitted by fleas six months ago. The case was so severe that he thought he was going to die.

    Tom Sachs, 81, still has not fully recovered from the disease. The antibiotic prescribed by the doctors and the physical therapy received has helped him to recover his health little by little. However, he lost 25 pounds.

    It all started last April, when Sachs began to feel so weak that he did not have the strength to walk. He couldn't even find the strength to shave.

    "I collapsed in my room and could not even get up from the floor," says Sachs, who suffered from fever, chills and lack of appetite.

    Sachs' condition did not improve, so he remained hospitalized for several weeks. The doctors thought it was a severe case of the influenza virus, until a specialist finally diagnosed him with typhus.

    "We had a priest come in and give me the holy Eucharist and last rite," says Sachs.

    Holy Eucharist is when a priest gives someone final holy communion, and last rites are when a priest anoints the very ill -- and those who are on the verge of death.

    Typhus is contracted from infected fleas that live on stray cats, rats and wild animals. The flea infects people by leaving excrement on the skin, but it does not spread from person to person.

    Sachs does not have a pet, so he thinks he got sick while working in his garden.

    The outbreak of typhus has spread from downtown Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Valley. In Pasadena, more than 20 cases have been reported, four times more than what is seen in a year.

    "The doctor said you can't get it twice, so that is a good sign," Sachs said while laughing.

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    U.S. prosecutors have charged a Russian woman who works for an oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin with attempting to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections, NBC News reported.

    The charges, filed Friday in the Eastern District of Virginia, accuse Elena A. Khusyaynova of St. Petersburg with using social media platforms to create thousands of social media and e-mail accounts — appearing to be from U.S. persons — to "create and amplify divisive social media and political content."

    The content touched on divisive topics like gun control and the NFL anthem debate as well as events like the Las Vegas shooting. The posts adopted several viewpoints, according to the documents, and attacked politicians of both major political parties, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former President Barack Obama.

    The case is being brought separately from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which brought charges against Russians for attempting to influence the 2016 presidential election.

    Prosecutors said Khusyaynova is the chief accountant for a Russian umbrella effort called Project Lakhta, funded by a Russian oligarch whose Concord companies were named in the July indictment brought by Mueller involving attempted meddling in the 2016 election. Concord Management is owned by Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin, also known as "Putin's chef," who is closely linked to the Russian president. It provides food services at the Kremlin.

    Photo Credit: SkyLine

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    Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort rolled into a Virginia federal court Friday in a wheelchair and wearing a green prison uniform instead of his signature tailored suit.

    The judge scheduled Manafort to be sentenced Feb. 8 for eight counts of tax evasion and bank fraud and dismissed the remaining charges against him, NBC News reported.

    Manafort, appearing visibly greyer, was pushed into court in a wheelchair, missing his right shoe.

    Paul Manafort enters courtroom in a wheelchair. White sock or bandage on right foot.Paul Manafort enters courtroom in a wheelchair. White sock or bandage on right foot.

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    A single-engine airplane made an emergency landing onto a busy Southern California highway Friday avoided crashing into any vehicles.

    "For them to make that landing and have nobody else involved in it, I'd say that's a miracle," said California Highway Patrol Officer Travis Garrow.

    A 25-year-old flight instructor and his 36-year-old student were traveling in the Piper aircraft when they experienced engine loss. 

    The flight instructor took over the control to make the emergency landing, Garrow said.

    He put the plane down in the middle of westbound Interstate 8 just before 11:30 a.m., flying under power lines. 

    A couple who captured the plane landing on a mobile phone yelled out loud when they saw it.

    “That ----- just landed on the freeway,” Keri Decker said in the video. “And he’s got it under control.” 

    When her husband, Zach, noticed the plane flying precariously low, Keri quickly pulled out her phone to record the whole thing.

    "It was like magical, like the fact that he was able to maneuver around the cars and that the cars were smart enough to get away," she said.

    When emergency personnel arrived, the plane had been pushed over to the right shoulder blocking the Mollison Avenue off-ramp lane. Mollison Avenue remains closed while crews remove the wings from the plane to get it off the freeway, Garrow said.

    The plane was headed to Gillespie Field when the trouble started and the teacher decided he should take over and land the plane.

    Once the plane touched down, it traveled about a half a mile on the freeway before coming to a stop.

    "This is pretty cool actually because you could tell he had it under control." Zach Decker said. "He was obviously a good pilot."

    Officials said no one was injured although the pilot and the student were a little shaken up.

    "They were like, he was just rubbing his head, and just like, he, he was scared," Keri Decker said.

    No vehicles were hit. No traffic lanes on the freeway were blocked by the plane.

    A SigAlert was issued as CHP officers worked to clear the aircraft from the highway.

    Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board have been dispatched to the scene to handle the investigation, Garrow said.

    No other information was available.

    Please refresh this page for updates on this story. Details may change as more information becomes available.

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    Approximately 350 San Diego State University students will need to be vaccinated again in an outbreak of meningococcal disease after officials learned the initial round of vaccines may not be effective.

    Students who received the vaccine from Walgreens on Oct. 5 and Oct 8. are being notified they will need to be re-vaccinated, a university spokesperson said.

    "We recently became aware that the vaccine temperature at the time of administration was not optimal," a Walgreens spokesperson confirmed to NBC 7. "While we believe there is no associated safety risk, in order to ensure that recipients received full efficacy of the vaccine, we are in the process of contacting the students to offer re-vaccinations."

    Walgreens assisted the county in vaccinating students in early October after it was confirmed that at least three SDSU students contracted the bacterial disease.

    "Students who received a MenB vaccination through the various on-campus clinics by the County of San Diego and Kaiser Permanente have not been affected and do not need to be re-vaccinated," SDSU spokesperson Cory Marshall said.

    Bacterial meningitis is spread by sharing items such as cigarettes or drinking glasses or through intimate contact such as kissing. 

    The bacteria are not airborne, officials said, so they do not spread like germs associated with the common cold or the flu.

    Those who feel they may have been exposed and suffer from a sudden onset of symptoms including fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea and/or vomiting, should go to the hospital, health officials said.

    Learn more about the available meningococcal vaccines through the CDC's website.

    Or you can talk with someone by calling SDSU Student Health Services 8:30 am - 4:30 pm at 619-594-4325 or by calling San Diego County Public Health Services’ Epidemiology Division at 619-692-8499.

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    When you think of the best places to get a good slice of pizza, you may think of New York or Chicago.

    Now, you can add San Diego to the list.

    According to a survey TripAdvisor, San Diego is No. 8 in the country when it comes to the 'za.

    The travel site based its ranking on reviews from travelers, with more weight given to reviews in the past year.

    Travelers to San Diego also ranked Filippi's Pizza Grotto as the best pizzeria in the city, ignoring some of the hometown favorites such as Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest, Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria in Mission Hill or Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano in North Park.

    Off course, the Big Apple and the Windy City are still the top locations for good pizza, coming in at No. 1 and 2, respectively.

    Also making on to the list are Las Vegas (No. 3) and San Francisco (No. 5).

    Here's the complete list of the Top 10 Pizza Cities in the U.S.:

    1. New York City
    2. Chicago
    3. Las Vegas
    4. San Francisco
    5. Orlando
    6. Seattle
    7. Boston
    8. San Diego
    9. Atlanta
    10. Washington, D.C.
    Do you agree with the list? Tell us in the comments. Also, tell us where in San Diego do you go for a good slice of pizza.

    Photo Credit: NBC 5

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    San Diego County sheriff's deputies are asking for help identifying a man accused of breaking into a Lemon Grove family's home and sexually assaulting a child.

    The man entered a home on Canton Drive around 2 a.m. Thursday and sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl before a family member confronted him, deputies said.

    Deputies aren't sure how the man entered the home. They said the child's parents got up when they heard noises and the child's father confronted the man.

    The suspect was held at the scene for a short time but he was able to escape, possibly on a skateboard, deputies said.

    "It's scary knowing there's a man running around breaking into people's homes," neighbor Alberto said. "Obviously, we're not going to be able to sleep very well. Just make sure the kids are in bed and the windows and doors are locked."

    The suspect is described as a 20 to 25-year-old man around 5 feet 7 inches tall with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie and black gym pants.

    Deputies say it's possible the assaulter lives near the victim.

    Anyone with information regarding the suspect's identity or location can call the San Diego County Sheriff's Department at (858) 285-6222, or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers online or by calling (888) 580-8477.

    Up to $1,000 is being offered to anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest in the case.

    No other information was available.

    Please refresh this page for updates on this story. Details may change as more information becomes available.

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    A rare Ferrari with a 12-cylinder heart that still echoes through the ages of racing history will cross the auction block in December at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

    Photo Credit: RM Sotheby's

    This red 1956 Ferrari 290 MM by Scaglietti will be auctioned Dec. 8 at the Petersen Automotive Museum.This red 1956 Ferrari 290 MM by Scaglietti will be auctioned Dec. 8 at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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    A San Diego-area couple was heading to a routine medical appointment when they captured video of a small plane landing right in front them on Interstate 8 in El Cajon. CHP officers say it's a miracle no one was injured.

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    Thousands of migrants from Central America gathered at the Guatemala-Mexico border Friday. After several broke the Guatemalan fence, the migrants rushed through the entry way to attempt to enter Mexico.

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    Pre-Halloween happenings built for the whole family?

    They're often centered around pumpkin patches (so sweet) or theatrical shows (absolutely adorable) or the sorts of alfresco parties that involve the apple-bobbing or the gentle petting of goats (both amazing).

    There is, however, a newer entry into the not-so-eerie outings of late October, and it involves a spot that has some more grown-up offerings, all while catering to the exact stuff that the tots want to do.

    It's the brewery-based bash, and Boomtown Brewery in DTLA will once again invite families to a daytime to-do that is all about seasonal must-dos for the youngsters.

    And, yes, if you're the adult you might want to enjoy a craft beer while there. Or a patty + buns + savory toppings from The Burger Shop, which'll be on-hand to hamburger-up the happening.

    Entry to the festival is free, but, yes: Do show with funds for burgers and beers and soft drinks and such.

    On the kids-living-it-up front?

    Prep your small fry for face painting, a bounce house, a petting zoo, a costume contest, chances to dig into a project, craft-style, and, yes, trick-or-treating, too.

    It's all getting festive, with not-so-frightful joys for the younger set and foamy offerings for the adults, on Sunday, Oct. 21 from noon to 6 in the evening.

    Something goblin-y and good to note?

    The Boomtown grown-ups'll be garbing up, too, so if you want to give your Halloween costume a spin, or at least don a pair of rabbit ears or vampire teeth, go for it.

    Photo Credit: Boomtown Brewery/Getty Images-Peter Macdiarmid/Boomtown Brewery

    Things'll take on a before-Halloween vibe at the DTLA spot on Sunday, Oct. 21.Things'll take on a before-Halloween vibe at the DTLA spot on Sunday, Oct. 21.

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    A judge in downtown LA Friday ordered a suspected serial burglar arrested near Malibu Creek State Park last week to be held with no bail.

    Anthony Rauda, 42, is accused of violating the terms of his, "Post Release Community Supervision," or PRCS, and is set to return to court next month to address the allegations.

    No new criminal charges have been filed yet in connection with the burglaries.

    Rauda was caught by LA County Sheriff's Major Crimes Bureau detectives in a wilderness area north of the park Oct. 10 after a series of unusual early-morning break-ins, during which an armed, masked burglar stole food from a number of buildings in the area.

    Major Crimes and Sheriff's Homicide Bureau detectives are also investigating whether Rauda could be responsible for a series of seemingly-random shootings in the same area over the last two years, including the killing of a camper in June.

    Tristan Beaudette was shot to death at the park while he slept next to his 2- and 4-year-old daughters in a closed tent.

    Photo Credit: KNBC

    Suspect in Malibu and Calabasas burglaries wanted for questioning in shooting that killed father camping at Malibu Creek State Park being arrested on Oct. 10, 2018.Suspect in Malibu and Calabasas burglaries wanted for questioning in shooting that killed father camping at Malibu Creek State Park being arrested on Oct. 10, 2018.

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